Advocacy Services

  • To advise the residents or their caregivers of their rights when living in long-term care homes
  • To advocate or support advocacy efforts when requested
  • To raise the awareness of the general public and all levels of government of the changes required in the system that manages the provision and operation of these homes
  • To improve upon Ontario’s approach to long-term care provision to ensure that all residents are provided with consistent and quality medical care, psychological and therapy supports. Long-term care residents must have a chance to thrive – not just survive – and to enjoy life in nurturing environments
  • To promote continuous education or training for health care providers, particularly as it relates to residents with special care needs


“Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful committed citizens can
change the world, indeed it is the only thing that ever has.” ~ Margaret Mead

  • To work directly with residents and family members to advocate on their behalf
  • To assist seniors (and their family) to find appropriate long-term care accommodations
  • To work directly with ‘guardians’ of seniors to assist them to understand the policies & protocols of long- term care facilities
  • To visit seniors in long-term care facilities
  • To provide transitional support services to seniors as they plan to move to (or from) a long-term care facility
  • To work with other community based organizations to develop strategies that help seniors improve the quality of their life
  • To work at a political level to advocate for improved outcomes for seniors in long-term care
  • To promote our message to media (print, radio, T.V.) on behalf of seniors (and their family)
  • To raise the general awareness about seniors and the need for alternative long-term care solutions. for seniors