Disappointed and disturbed by Doug Ford’s June 11th announcement


The Seniors Guardian Angels Program is disappointed and disturbed by Doug Ford’s June 11th announcement on the lockdown of visitation to nursing homes. Mr. Ford had the gall to say “at the end of the day, it’s going to be the homes that calls the shots”.   One thing is clear from the horrific findings of the Canadian Armed Forces report and the findings of the Wettlaufer public inquiry – if some nursing homes “calls the shots”, patients are put in concentration camp like conditions so that such nursing homes can financially profit while the government turns a blind eye.


Doug Ford’s willful blindness to these atrocities is a blatant attempt to facilitate the nursing home industries’ continued mistreatment of their patients. These restrictions are, at best, a convoluted attempt to make it more difficult for people to visit their loved ones in nursing homes.


At worst, this is a violation of the Canada’s Charter Of Rights And Freedoms, Ontario’s Long-Term Care Homes Act and Ontario’s nursing homes’ Patients’

Bill Of Rights. The statutes of Ontario and Canada seem to take a back-seat to the financial interest of nursing homes, who Doug Ford said “calls the shots”.

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