In order to help us fulfill our Mission we plan a number of fundraising activities throughout the year. We rely on the support of our members, donors and volunteers in ensuring that our services can be carried out professionally and in a timely fashion.

Examples of how you can get involved:

Become a Member:

  • You can become a Member of The Guardian Angels Program and have a ‘vested’ interest in the success of helping seniors achieve improved outcomes in their lives.Annual membership fees are $20.00 ($15.00 for seniors) per year. Attend our functions, forums, and receive copies of our Newsletters.

Become a Donor:

  • You can donate activity funds, equipment, ‘gifts-in-kind’, etc to help us to meet and exceed our goals.

Become a Volunteer:

  • Help organize Seniors-Forums in your area, write for our Newsletter, assist with fundraising activities, etc.

For more information please contact:

Betty Miller
Founder & President

Office #: (905) 468-5877